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Game Description

Feeling sorry for your daughter who got kidnapped by zombies and taken to the infested city, you venture out against the advise of authorities in search for your daughter in the hopes of saving her before the army nukes the city.

How To Play: You’re only given a limited amount of time to retrieve your daughter. Find her in all corners of the city with the aid of survivors who can give you account of your daughter’s fate. Use the left and right arrow keys to move around, the up arrow to climb up and down stairs and the down arrow to hide. The space bar activates your weapon while the C key switches from one to another. To use ropes for climbing buildings, press the X key and the Enter key to open your PDA’s notes.

Game developed by Newgrounds • Played 8068 times.


  1. Adam boom boomy • 22:45, February 12, 2012 • Reply

    so sad my ass

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