Samurai Last Exam

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Posted in Strategy • July 26th 2010

Samurai Last Exam is a fantastic time management game where you have to take the Samurai’s Last Exam!

You have to serve up sushi as quickly as possible to keep your customers happy and impress your teachers. Show your ardent enthusiasm to the task and also keep your wits active as you have to interact with a colorful cast of characters and work your way to harder levels. Become a full fledged Samurai as you take on this intriguing exam and complete your life’s ultimate goal!


  • Fast-paced gameplay

  • Colorful cast of characters
  • Pass the Samurai's Last Exam!

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  1. asmita • 06:22, April 4, 2011 • Reply

    this is very interesting game where she have to give her exam

  2. Daniel • 08:28, June 15, 2014 • Reply

    Good Job

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