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Game Description

Fly back to civilization after being stranded in a deserted island after your plane crash landed. Fix the runway and the plane and learn how to fly properly to reach the mainland.

How To Play: Press the right arrow to move forward and back to slow down.

Earn enough money to repair parts of the plane and upgrade its engine and once you have one properly installed press the space bar to activate it.

Game developed by Newgrounds • Played 39525 times.


  1. madmog • 14:39, June 29, 2011 • Reply

    i think it is ood ut ad get what i mean and plz some one add me plz.is any one on panfu.com/or bin weevils/or poptropica.com

  2. cooldude2000 • 13:12, April 14, 2012 • Reply

    if you do level 3 approx 5 times you get to go to the moon.

  3. potty • 18:22, December 29, 2012 • Reply

    Did anyone else see superman and goku?

  4. Potty Racer • 03:03, July 28, 2013 • Reply

    i love it

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