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Game Description

Restore the earth’s communication with Cloud Palace by retrieving 6 mystical amulets from various dreamlands. You’ll start off as a white wolf and one you get the first three, you can transform into a black one to use certain skills that white wolves don’t have.

How To Play: By default, the arrow keys control your wolf’s movement. The up arrow will let you jump and while jumping you can either press Z to fly or the down arrow to roll. You can also change the controls by pausing the game .

Game developed by Flash Game Nexus • Played 26548 times.


  1. Sianii • 21:32, March 8, 2012 • Reply

    So I was ,… gone for about 4 hrs.. I came back to continue.. Jade Wolf was falling nonstop o.o I guess they mean it when this world is a bottomless pit.

  2. breanna • 16:43, June 6, 2014 • Reply

    I love wolf

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