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Game Description

Shapen your skills in motorbike stunts and play FMX Team 2 to see how good you still are. Beat competitors by getting the most points by doing the craziest stunts ever imagined by man.

How To Play: Use the up arrow to accelerate and the left and right to lean forward and back. The 1-6 keys are stunt keys which can only be used when you are in the air. Remember, the wackier the stunt, the more the points.

Game developed by Newgrounds • Played 13729 times.


  1. kane • 04:04, May 19, 2012 • Reply

    big shit

  2. zishan • 06:11, July 28, 2013 • Reply

    amazing game

  3. kane • 04:04, May 19, 2012 • Reply

    couse man it sucks shit

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